She climbed trees just about as fast as I did...she always was the first to "check" if the layer of ice from the frozen lake was thick enough for us to skate on...


My baby sister : a sweet rascal, full of life and always driven by her passion for music.


Nancy Casteele was born and raised in Kortrijk, a small city located in the West of Belgium. At the age of 12, she attended the Conservatory in Kortrijk where 4 nights a week, she studied music. At that same tender age she performed with a five piece live band. All through high school she was the lead singer of numerous bands, performing in Belgium, Holland, France and Germany.


When she was 17 she felt the need to express the strong love and bond for her father and that way her first song was born. In '98 she signed her first publishing deal with Starspan Limited in Ireland.


At the age of 20 she traveled to Nashville, Tennessee and fell instantly in love with it's beauty, warmth and of course its music. Singer songwriter, Rob Crosby (Holding a good hand, She's more, She's a natural) took her under his "teaching" wings and together they wrote a list of songs for which they created a nice sound.


In 2000 ,Warner music/ Benelux, sent Nancy to beautiful Budapest for the recording of her first video on the song "All in one you" written by Nancy and Craig Karp. Her first shots where taken on top of rollercoaster, 98.43 feet above the ground! In spite of little radio airplay, but a handful of T.V shows, the song stumbled into the charts and became the "fasted climber" of the Dutch pop charts. Nancy started writing with more and more writers like Steward Harris, Phillip White, Kostas, Don Goodman...


September 11th 2001, Nancy was on the second day of her radio tour in Holland to promote her second single : "Searchin'," written by Rob Crosby, Craig Karp and herself. As she arrived at one of the radio stations, she found radio makers and the rest of the world nailed to the t.v screen, trying to process the news about the September 11th attacks. "Crying, she left the studio..." were the last words that where said on the radio about Nancy and "Searching." The song climbed to number five in the secondary pop charts and was titled "Dutch tip of the week."


Encouraged by "holds" for Martina MC Bride, Faith Hill, Lee Greenwood , Wynona Judd and two cuts in Nashville and Canada, Nancy keeps enjoying the craft of writing.


In October of 2003 she entered a songwriting deal with Universal music, Nashville and I'm afraid that we will have to miss her more and more but at the same time....we can't wait to see what will happen next.


her brother, Alain Casteele